A brief moment of inspiration.

What actually inspired this blog, and what to expect.

Picture of Ivor and me in 2018 at my 18th birthday party. Ivor is sitting on a chair, while I'm holding a present. We both had long hair at that point.
Pictured are Ivor, a high school friend who recently started a blog and me at my birthday party. Ivor's decision to start a blog was highly motivating for this.

I enjoy writing

I've written quite a lot of things throughout the years. Some of it's published online - feel free to look around. People usually say it's good. I haven't been writing recently, though. Mostly, it has been replaced with shitposting on Twitter - as it's a lower effort activity.

The pleasure of writing hasn't diminished, however. It's not a habit I'd like to have - writing is challenging and time-consuming, and topics that you're passionate enough to dedicate a few hours of your spare time to are hard to come by.

I really dislike publishing a lot of my writing in the long run. Not because it's poor writing, although it might have been in poor taste in some instances. It's a simpler argument, though: some thoughts I'd like to share on the web at some point aren't neccessarily things that I want to leave behind as my legacy. Forever is a scary concept.

I've approached Twitter as a ephemeral medium in that regard, although it isn't one really. I also find the social media app nature of it as hindering legitimately constructive discussion, so I've taken a very relaxed approach to "writing" there with most of my posts being really trash jokes that are actually funny probably only to me. It's unlikely that those tweets will exist in a while, but they might be archived somewhere - which is also a strange idea to wrap your head around.

Trying out thoughts

Thoughts is an experiment in blogging. It's not your classic blog in a technical sense: there isn't a CMS running this (but there's an app of sorts), and thoughts are designed to be ephemeral: they may be unlisted and/or disallowed to robots, and might disappear at will. Posts could have individual designs and features. Who knows. This will mostly will depend on the desired audience. For the time being, comments aren't going to be a thing here, but I'd like to individually discuss posts here. If you don't have a more personal channel, feel free to email me.

Content is also going to be all over, as I'm not going with any theme for this blog. It's a hosting platform for me to publish some sorts of longer form writing that I want to share (but don't have a more appropriate audience for) and interested readers to enjoy.

My goal is to share more personal stories and achievements with different groups of people or even a wide audience, but some IT or maths talk will also probably be hosted here. Maybe even a refreshed Mathcourt.

Let's see what this gets us.

Regarding your privacy on this website. This website is self-hosted by myself and doesn't contain any third-party scripts. Only server access logs are being collected, which are rotated every 90 days. They give me a sense of how much traffic this site is getting, but otherwise aren't used. The site's hosted in the EU. Fonts are loaded from Google Fonts and rsms.me's CDN, which is powered by CloudFlare. If this is the sort of thing that bothers you, you might want to consider blocking those URLs, or reach out to let me know that you mind this and I'll consider replacing them with self-hosted versions. This comes at the cost of performance, so I've avoided doing this as it doesn't seem to bother people. Otherwise, this site is entirely built with privacy in mind, and does not store cookies of any kind or collect any personal data apart from what was already described. Hope you enjoy your stay.