Hi, I'm Borna.

Still just looking around.

A picture of Mario Borna Mjertan, holding a branch while looking into the sky with yellow sunglasses. Behind him, the coastline and the sea are visible.
Me, on vacation in August 2022.

I'm currently

enjoying life

A picture of sea, from a wall above the sea level. The sun is setting.
A seaside sunset.

Trying to get the best from my university years.

studying maths at PMF

Me and two friends in front of a blackboard at the Faculty's open house event.
Me and friends at Dan i noć na PMF-u 2019, the Faculty's open house event.

I'm currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics at the Faculty of Science. Laureate of the Department award for extracurricular activities.

I have previously

(A CV in short)

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