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Faculty of Science

Currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. Department award for extracurricular activities recipient.

Grammar School Požega

Participated in numerous national competitions, many extracurriculars and was in the top 20 on the Državna matura exam nationally.


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Web Engineer, Infinum

Currently working as a Web Engineer in Infinum’s WordPress team.

Product Lead, Supremum

2020 – 2021. Lead a pilot project for an online tutoring service, Supremum, in a family company (Educateam). Developed pricing strategies, marketing plans, website and infrastructure, including KEKS Pay integration.

Technologies used: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS

DENO d.o.o.

2018 – 2019. Part-time work on the backend and CMS, as well as parts of the frontend.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Educateam d.o.o.

2018 – 2019. Part-time full-stack work on Educateam online sales channels.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, RedbeanPHP, Postmark, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Solo


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Project director, Znanstvenik u meni

2018 – Present. Volunteer work as Project Director, consisting of general project management and organisation. Also volunteered in design, writing and software development.

Developed the website, web app for signing up to the competition and a service/server for managing video uploads and transcoding videos.

Technologies used: PHP, Percona, MySQL, FFmpeg, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Camp organiser, Summer School of Science

2019 – 2021. Volunteer work as Camp Organiser for S3++, consisting of general project management, lecture and workshop organisation and web services management.

Blog author, Summer School of Science

2020 – Present. Regular author on the Summer School of Science blog.

Organisation Member, WISe – WorkIn’ Science

2019. Volunteer work to help organise WISe, the career day of the Faculty of Science.

Worked with companies to help them prepare for WISe and helped them on the career day.

Lectures and works

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  • Winter school of mathematics and computer science, 2014: “What is Linux?”
  • DORS/CLUC 2014: “Primary school student using FLOSS”
  • Europe Code Week 2014: “Making websites in HTML”
  • Winter school of mathematics and computer science, 2015: “HTML and CSS”
  • Europe Code Week 2015: “An introduction to PHP”
  • Pula Mathematics festival 2015: A mathematical walk through Slavonia, Dragana Blagojević, Ines Herceg, Marta Ivanko, Mario Borna Mjertan
  • Winter school of mathematics and computer science 2016: “An introduction to digital photo editing”, Lovro Marković, Mario Borna Mjertan
  • Winter school of mathematics and computer science 2017: “An introduction to web application security”
  • Euromath MATHFactor 2017: “Making randomness: Pseudorandom number generators”
  • Day and Night at PMF (“Dan i noć na PMF-u”) 2018: “Various proofs of the Pythagorean theorem”, Filip Matić, Mario Borna Mjertan
  • Summer School of Science 2019: “Telling the future with mathematics: Probability and crime prediction”
  • The Night of Mathematics (“Večer matematike”) 2019: “Clustered and Set”
  • The Mathematical Court (“Matematički sud”), an online interactive article on probability and spinning statistics


Operating systems: Linux, macOS, Windows

Programming languages: PHP, C, C++, SQL, Python, JavaScript

Frameworks and libraries: Laravel, Alpine JS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, GuzzleHTTP, Redbean, Jetstream, Livewire and more

Integrations: KEKS Pay, Braintree, Postmark, Twilio, Solo, Sentry, Bugsnag, Cloudflare, Algolia

Platforms: AWS, DigitalOcean, bare metal

Interests: Computer security, cryptography, foundations of mathematics, ZFC

General and soft skills: Project management, communication, design, problem-solving and crisis-management

Tools I’m familiar with: Git, GitHub, Confluence, JIRA, Phabricator (including administration), Office 365 (including administration), G Suite (including administration), Composer, npm, Deployer, CircleCI, Buddy, WSL/WSL2, Firebase, REST APIs, Mathematica, Slack and more


Croatian, native

English, full professional proficiency

Slovak, elementary proficiency

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